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Website Design, Content Management and E-Commerce Solutions since 1997

Graphic DesignGraphic Design

It is as close as you will get to the east village in this area:)

The back button is the most used button on the browser…and it’s the one button you never want your website visitors to use.

The first goal of any website is to capture and hold the attention of the site visitor.
This makes the graphic design of your website development one of the most important aspects of the project.

  • The design needs to match your customer’s expectations.
  • The graphic website design needs to convey an image that matches the needs and interests of your primary customer.
  • The graphic website design needs to capture and hold the interest of the website user.

We have a team of experienced graphic designers and artists ready to create the business image you need to attract new customers.

Page viewing habits - The statistics on page viewing are quite remarkable.

Your website has about 10 seconds to capture the user's attention. What is remarkable is that, typically speaking, the longer the user stays on the page the less likely they are to leave the page. New research by Chao Liu and colleagues indicates an initial screening phase takes place within the first few seconds. This short screening takes just a few seconds (less than ten) and results in the decision to stay on the page or move on. Basically, the longer the user stays on the page the more likely they are to spend more time on the page.

So, to insure the user takes the time to consume the information on a web page requires they make a positive decision about the value of the information within the first ten seconds.


Basic Elements of an Effective Website?

We view every aspect of a website design based on the following basic elements.

  1. Alignment: To be effective your website design and content must be aligned with your business goals. This includes the navigational flow, user interactivity and content as well as the graphic design.
  2. Clear Purpose: The web design, graphic design and content design, must have a clear purpose and effectively communicate that purpose to the visitor. 
  3. Create Action: Every section and page of your website must have a clearly defined "preferred" action for the visitor to take. It is impossible to increase the effectiveness of your web site if the visitor does nothing. 
  4. Relationship focused content: There can be no transaction or trust without a relationship. Site content must be focused on building trust and a positive emotional context, the two necessary ingredients of a relationship. 
  5. Measurement: How do you know you’re getting better if you don’t keep score? Measuring the effectiveness of your site in helping you meet your organizational goals is essential. And always: Be careful what you measure. What you measure is what you get. Carefully considered measures will make the difference.

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