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Website Design, Content Management and E-Commerce Solutions since 1997

E-commerce Integration

E-commerce website development is more complex than many developers would have you think. This is because most e-commerce website developers use off the shelf e-commerce packages with a pre-set array of features and functionality. The problems arise when you need the software to do something that is not part of the package. For instance, you may to need several different pricing levels for different types of customers…or you may need to sell both to retail and wholesale customers with different billing options…or you may need to provide different shipping options to different levels of customers.

Your business is unique and evolves as the market changes. It is important that your e-commerce website design can change to meet the needs of your changing company and market.

Our e-commerce software is developed in-house with constant upgrades and revisions over the last 20 years. Owning the code means we can customize the software to match any feature or business process you need now or will need anytime in the future.

  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Custom Product Definitions
  • Multiple Pricing Levels
  • Custom Marketing and Promotional Features
  • MSSQL Database for fleibility in back office software integration

All of our e-commerce website development solutions come complete with a full range of administration features of both content management and and catalog management features and can be customized to fit your exacting needs.

Our Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is focused on one simple idea...We succeed when our clients succeed.

custom softwareCustom Software Development

Custom web based software solutions. When you need a web solution designed for your specific business processes...Find out more...

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