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Website Design, Content Management and E-Commerce Solutions since 1997

Recent Web Development Projects

Here are just a few examples of our recent web development projects...

Mobius Awards - Custom Competition Entry System

Mobius Awards is an international advertising awards company that runs an international annual competition for the best advertising in the world. With a complex system of array of categories, media types and entry methods, they needed a way for their entrants to enter and deliver examples of their work via the web, and through physical entries.

In addition, they also needed am integrated payment process that would calculate the cost of an entry for the client and allow them to make the appropriate payment.

Working together, we developed a custom .net application that met the needs of Mobius Awards and their customers and which integrated directly with their back end entry management system.


Charlie’s Soap - Custom E-commerce System

Charlie’s Soap is a home grown success story…a biodegradable and green detergent manufacturer was growing out of everything including their website.

Their rapid growth and success in the industry created a rapid increase in online sales and, in addition, created a huge demand to supply resellers and wholesellers. They needed a web presence that would serve their retail and newly acquired wholesale business from the same e-commerce website. After looking at their newly developing needs we created an e-commerce site that allowed them to support retail, wholesale and resellers through a single ordering system. Pricing, support and even shipping calculations can be specified for each individual client.

We focused development on insuring that the software could grow as their business continued to expand.


International Film and Video Festival

The International Film and Video Festival is film and video competition for corporate, educational, entertainment, documentaries and student productions around the world. Creating and delivering hard copies of the hundreds of entries to a large group of international judges was a time and labor intensive operation. They needed a new way to distribute the entries and to standardize the judging process for an international group of judges around the world.

Our solution was a web based judging process that allowed judges from around the world to judge a specific group of videos through a single interface. The system allows management to set up judging sessions for each judge and standardize the judging procedure. The scores collected through the system are then integrated with the companies back end administration software.

This system dramatically reduced the cost of distributing the entries to judges around the world and simplified the entire administration process.


Robatel Technologies

Robatel Technologies is part of an international organization that focuses on the Nuclear Power Industry providing engineering and fabrication services. Due to their broad client base and in-depth technical requirements, they needed a way to distribute new and updated technical information to their clients quickly and efficiently.

And, since each client had completely different needs, the system needed to allow access that was uniquely defined for each client.

Our solution provided a single administration unit that minimized administrative effort while delivering custom availability to each client as needed.


Southeast SERCAP

Southeast Rural Community Assistance Project, Inc. (SERCAP) helps small rural towns and communities needing aid in upgrading their water and wastewater systems. Working primarily through grants they need to gather a large array of information on their clients which resulted in an application upwards of ten pages.

Their client base is also rural which extended the process from first contact to completed application. SERCAP needed a simplified way for their clients to provide the necessary application informtaion online which would reduce the application time and minimize travel and frustration for their clients.

Working with SERCAP and their legal team we created a simplified online application that meets all of their legal and security requirements and is PCI compliant while simplifying the application process and reducing the time between first contact and completed application.



ETSI Environmental Services provides international air quality and emission control testing, training and trouble shooting. As part of their training program they needed a way to deliver technical training around the world in an economical way.

Our solution provided a web based training delivery method that included the capability of providing written, verbal and video training along with student interaction and online testing. The solution includes a complete administration area for the creation and management of training materials, students, student grades and student progress in completing the training.

The solution also included an e-commerce section that allowed students to choose their preferred course, register and pay for the course and automatically have access to the training material.


Bondurant Realty

Bondurant Realty is a real estate and home/apartment rental company in a college town. Their unique situation of high demand and rapid, annual turnover created several unusual needs for their business.

We designed an application that maintains their database of hundreds of rental properties with the usual specification such as bedrooms, baths and amenities. The system is also designed to track availability, lease length and the date each property will be on the market again.

We also integrated google maps for each property allowing quick location access for potential renters.

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