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Website Design, Content Management and E-Commerce Solutions since 1997

Mobile device web users surpassed desktop web users in 2015.

Are you are ready to take advantage of the rapidly expanding mobile experience?

Tapping into the mobile market means creating content and functionality that matches this emerging market. Your technology choices fall into three basic areas.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are device specific software programs. If you are offering highly user specific interaction that requires a fast reaction interface like a game, an app should be your choice. The drawbacks are that each device requires an app designed specifically for that device operating system. An IPhone app will not run on an android device. You have to maintain multiple versions of the same software. Upgrading or enhancing an app means making the same changes across multiple versions of the software, increasing time to market.

Mobile Websites

Mobile websites are less expensive to create and maintain, are compatible with all device platforms and can be upgraded immediately across all devices.

There are two ways to approach the creation of a mobile friendly web presence.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design allows the content to adjust to the users screen size. This could be as small as 320 pixels wide for a small hand held, up to 2400 pixels wide for a desktop. Responsive sites take more time to design properly because you have to insure that the content is easily navigated in all device sixes. And, mobile users are far more selective about what they want in a browsing experience.

Mobile Only Design

Often, mobile users are looking for specific types of information quickly. For instance, location, operating hours, click to call, click to email and top to bottom scrolling only are viewed as highly positive. On the other hand, mobile users also want to be able to access the full site. As a plus, adding a mobile only site to your existing site is far less expensive than moving everything to a responsive website. And, in many cases, especially for non-catalog businesses, this gives the user the best experience regardless of the device used to access the website.

Call when you are ready to look at your options. We will help you decide what your mobile users really need and the best way to insure a positive experience for both mobile and desktop users.

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