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Productivity Increases for your Website

By: Beth Garst      Email the Editor

Building an effective Internet marketing strategy is a moving target.

For example, just a few years ago, mobile visits to websites were practically non-existent. Today an estimated 40% of all visits to websites is via a mobile device and that number is growing every day. If your market is primarily under 30 you are missing a majority of that market without a mobile optimized website. If you have not updated your website technology in the last three or four years you are now well behind the curve. Your market has moved on.

Here are just a few of the most important considerations when reviewing your website and your Internet strategy.

Goals: Review and re-define your business and online goals at least once a year with a focus on the newest technologies.

Customer expectations and online interactivity: Web user's expectations of what is available online are constantly changing. For instance, if something can be done online rather than with a phone call or personal visit, it should be available online. Applications, registrations, orders, scheduling are all considered normal online actions and are expected to be available. This also means that it is far more important to work with an experienced website developer. These professionals keep up with and understand the myriad of technologies that make refined online interaction possible.

Don't make your user think: Simple is king. Always make the next user action obvious and easy to implement.

Marketing is more than Search Engine Optimization: Search engines are still an important part of your marketing efforts with both pay-per-click and organic search results. However, social media is making dramatic inroads. More and more purchase decisions are being made from personal recommendations through all types of social media including Facebook and Twitter.

Nothing about the Internet is static: Change is necessary and immediate is king. Today's customer expects the most up to date information and features from your website. New information, promotions, and interactive content create a strong incentive for your website user to return often. And the more facetime you have with the user the more likely they are to expand the time spent on your website. Change your content often and use your Facebook and Twitter accounts to feature those changes.

The long and short of it is, make your website and social media the primary focus of your marketing endeavors. Insure that your website gives your customers everything they need. And do it with a focus on creating a relationship.

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